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Shay Boutique Fits Everyone’s Lifestyle

November 30, 2017
Shay Boutique


Style is more than clothes and how you decorate your home. Style is who you are, and it shows off your personality without speaking. Your style can tell a story about your culture, what you do for a living, your beliefs, and how confident you are in the clothes and the home you live in.  We want to support everyone’s lifestyle which is why we always keep up with the latest fashion trends. With our floor space expanding in the near future, we will continue to dress you for a casual day to a night out or an event. In addition, We incorporate unique jewelry, fashion accessories, gifts, and accents for your home.

The clothes we provide are always trending and can fit every type of  lifestyle. For example, if you are a stay-at-home mom on the go, running errands and later dining with your husband, we have your whole day covered with skinny jeans, a sweater, and colorful scarf. For your evening look, we have a flirty fit and flare dress with a more extended necklace.


If you’re looking for jewelry that is versatile, have a look at our faceted bead collection. This bracelet can dress you up or down and can go with any color combination and  won’t break your budget.
Are you needing a gift or looking for a unique accent for your home? We have you covered with a selection of cards,  soy-based candles, wall décor, and a variety of other accessories. Just like the clothing we provide, our home accents will fit the lifestyle of your home.

Home Accents

When friends come over and want to know where you bought all of these trendy home accents, send them to Shay Boutiques website at www.shayboutiques.com or stop in at 30D N Williams St. Crystal Lake, IL 60014 or call us at 815-444-6460.







30D N Williams St.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Phone: 815-444-6460 shay.boutique@yahoo.com